209 (West Bridgford) Squadron ATC

This is what makes 209 (West Bridgford) Squadron better than the rest!
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Integrated Flight Simulator

Flying, gliding, air traffic control, analogue radio communications and digital programming combined!

Skilled Staff & Instructors

21st Century Technology

With a wealth of computer skills present amongst the staff, paperwork and Powerpoint lectures will be a thing of the past!

What we do

13 Core Activities

If you’re a fan of aviation, action and adventure, love sports and getting to know people then you’re in the right place. Every year nearly 60,000 air cadets and volunteer staff take part in exciting events all over the country. And with over 1,000 squadrons across the UK, you could be one of them...

  • Flight simulator with integrated real world air traffic control

  • New Dedicated and purpose built building.

  • Tech costs money, requires training and enthusiasm


Comprising of both military uniformed and Civilian Instructor personnel, all staff serve on the Squadron as volunteers.

Sgt (ATC) E.Cooper

SNCO IC Drill and Discipline

SGT (ATC) S.Walker

Squadron Adjutant

Sgt (ATC) D.Wright

Part Task Trainer


CI S.Nettleship

Squadron Training Officer

CI N.Nettleship

Junior Cadet Training Coordinator

CI B.Hanson

Squadron Radio Officer

CI C.Morris

Squadron Stores Administrator

CI T.Leatherland

Cadet Progressive Syllabus Training

CI K.Ahmed

Padre S.Hack

Squadron Padre


We are always on the recruitment for skilled volunteers to assist with the running of the Squadron.


September 2017

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Interested in joining as a Cadet, Staff, Civilian committee or do you think you can help us out in another way? Note: Cadets must be 12-17yrs old and must be in Year 8 or higher at school.